With over 22 years’ experience in facilities, construction, and transition project management specializing in the healthcare, hospitality, and financial industries, MacDonald and Barton is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.


As transition consultants, our unique experience enables us to add value to your project by identifying solutions to logistics and operational challenges while ensuring continuity of operations, staff and customer satisfaction, and meeting strategic goals.

“Thanks for helping me step through this transition process.

I didn’t think we had a chance to pull it off before you came along.”

Our approach allows us to identify, plan for and manage project activities that are not typically captured in the normal design and construction process. In addition to an initial evaluation of internal and external team members' roles and responsibilities and other organizational initiatives, we prepare a project transition risk assessment, identifying gaps in planning and resources. Once identified, we tailor our services to your specific project needs.


We facilitate strategic planning sessions to ensure that staff and contractors understand each other's roles, how they interact with each other, and overall team expectations. Using the information gathered in these sessions, we develop a comprehensive project transition plan that is aligned with your construction schedule and operational needs.


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